Rosetta Q

ROSETTA QADHI – Learn with our Instructor Training in Oshawa

President & CEO of Think & Grow Rich Caribbean

Rosetta was born and raised in Jamaica, in a low-income household. While she is now a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur, she’s no stranger to poverty. She still remembers the days when she only ate one meal a day because it was the most her working class parents could afford.

It was at a very young age that Rosetta decided she was going to change her circumstances. While other children were out playing, she would sit alone in her bed, visualizing the way she wanted her life to be. She imagined owning a big house, driving a luxury car, having money in the bank, traveling the world, and taking care of her family to ensure they never went hungry again. While many children dream of such things, Rosetta discovered Think and Grow Rich and realized that she alone had the power to make her dreams a reality.

Today, as CFO of a multinational organization and President & CEO of Think & Grow Rich Caribbean, Rosetta is living the life she envisioned all those years ago. She credits her success to Napoleon Hill’s principles and the power of the mind to transform one’s life. Bring the change you want in your life with Rosetta’s Instructor training in Oshawa.

Rosetta has a passion for helping others in her country live the life of their dreams. She started Think & Grow Rich Caribbean to teach others Napoleon Hill’s principles of success, lift themselves out of poverty and unhappiness, and take control of their destiny.