Rosetta Q

Join me if you want to be a Rich Caribbean in Oshawa

Rosetta Q is the CEO of the Think & Grow Rich Caribbean Institute.  She is a Global Business Leader in 6 Countries.

Although, Rosetta is living her dream life now, it wasn’t always that way. Starting from childhood, Rosetta found hope through visualization and make-believe, not knowing that this was a tool used by the wealthy to attract success. Rosetta matured throughout life and applied all the Think and Grow Rich principles in her rich Caribbean in Oshawa workshop to redesign her life.

She is ready to help you experience the richness of life. Through her workshops and retreats you will:

  • Feel revitalized, motivated and ready to get back on the path to success.
  • Gain clarity of next steps and move forward.
  • Be equipped with the tools to create your best life in professional and personal success!

Take the things that you and other people have given up on to create the change you desire.

About Think & Grow Rich Caribbean


Think & Grow Rich Caribbean is committed to creating a radical shift in the way people think about what is possible in their lives; ultimately leading to a transformation that brings increased prosperity, happiness and harmony to the world. Our rich Caribbean in Oshawa workshops are design to bring balance, success and peace in your life.

We are the only organization in the Caribbean certified to teach the principles of the Think and Grow Rich philosophy. Our workshops are delivered in a meaningful way that touches every person who goes through our programs on a deep and emotional level, leading to lifelong change and fulfillment.

Think & Grow Rich Caribbean believes that when individuals are able to harness the power of their minds and given the tools they need to succeed, their actions and behavior will not only lead to their own happiness, but will inspire and enrich the lives of others – creating a world where success is within everyone’s grasp.

Our rich Caribbean in Oshawa workshops can help you harness the power of you mind and reach new heights of success in personal and professional life.

Rosetta Q
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